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Marketing & Seales:

Marketing Department:

Activities of this department can be classified into three categories:
1. Collecting data in order to have a clear vision about our market.
2. Planning and implementation: the plans which are based on collected data and accumulative experience are implemented through a professional well trained medical representative team whom distributed overall Iraq.
3. Monitoring and follow up: We believe that constant follow up of the market is fundamental to implement our plans and to achieve further progress.


Medications and Cargo Movements:

Imported medications are stored in our main stores within the Baghdad. We have a land of 2500 m2 supplied with big refrigerated stores of 1000 m2 according to the specifications of the Ministry of Health. Each one is about 500 m2 m2and we will add additional stores when needed.
On demand with well-studied plans our medications transported (using refrigerated trucks) toward Baghdad.
AL-JananScientfic Bureau distributes our products in Iraq.
North Iraqi Area distribution maintained by parteners medicines store for pharmaceutical trade.

Sales Department:

Based on scientific, mature sales plans reflected from a real knowledge of both Iraqi and the product market size; sales department is committed to expand the scope of sales of the product and ensure the spread of the product with studied increasing in sales monthly and annual figures by:
1. Maintaining contact with all clients in the market area to ensure high levels of client satisfaction.
2. Maximizing all opportunities in the process of closing a sale resulting in the taking of market share from larger competitors.
3. Resolving problems and complains of the customers.
4. Sustaining the relationship with our customers and exploring new sales ports.

Training Centre :

Since we follow the international standardization we consider training courses as a major prospect in our business, these courses are:
1. Initial selling skills.
2. Product information.

3. Advance selling skills:
    Selling techniques
    Selling strategy
4. Field management training course.
5. Mastering the art of communication.
6. Questioning skills