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About Us :

- Our bureau was formed in the Iraq to be one of the leading scientific bureaus operating in Iraq to supply pharmaceutical products.

- The potential of the Iraqi Market is very significant and one of the great challenges faces the interested companies to invest in this market is finding the suitable partners that can deliver value and fill the gap to allow performing in this market with minimal risks.


- Understanding the partners and customers objective thinking is one of our most important characteristics.

- Such understanding allows us to advice and help on taking vital decisions. It also helps to reduce the market entry barriers like culture, language, working systems and laws.

- We aim to provide the best customer service with the highest product quality for the best possible price within Iraq, to exceed our customers' expectations and ensure they come to us every time they need cover.


Our logo is to believe in honesty when dealing not only with our partners but also with our employees (20; 2 Physicians, 5 Pharmacists, 3 Managerial and 10 Workers) and even more with our customers.

We have start marketing medicine at 1994 that lead to improve our experiences in the management of sales despite the difficult circumstances, our pharmacy in Baghdad which was registered in the syndicate of pharmacists in Iraq/ Baghdad under No. --- of 1994 , it was managed by Dr. Janan A. AL-Kaisi (B.SC pharmacy), M.SC pharmacology) on 2001 we enlarge our business by employment number of distribution center that own such as drugs store which was establishing since 2001, and in order to increase our commercial activities we cooperate with Uranus agent company it one of Al-Qabas Economical group company (

We have established (AL-JananScientfic Bureau) which is registered in the Syndicate of pharmacist in Iraq under No.3141 of 2013 inorder to supervise our medicines stores by this scientific bureau.
This is working under the finance ability of (AL-Qabas Economical Group) companies we also make partnership   with many scientific bureaus in Baghdad and with south of Iraq and with many pharmaceutical companies in the northern region of Iraq.

We have set up a network marketing consist of Doctors ,pharmacists and sale representatives for medical media who have the excellent experiences and qualifications in medication marketing and also have an effective role in our successful plans so we can cover all the areas in Iraq in order to speed the delivery of orders to customers.